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2008 : Music from : Faust / Le Paradis

Written & recorded between march and july 2007, finalised as an album in 2008. Created for the movie "Le Paradis" written & realised by videast (& friend) Gilles Lacombrade. The film is experimental but follows a narration based on the Faust myth : a journalist, Silke Speyer, decides to investigate on the mysterious Dr Foster, who seems gifted with eternal youth... The video is also a tribute to the classic silent movie "Faust" by Murnau.

"Pyramide" features a dialogue from the movie, said by Silke Hoeffs and Guillaume Escondeur. Thanks go to them.
"Silke et l'Ange" (Silke and the Angel) is based on a traditional german children's rhyme.

A few words about the movie and its soundtrack :

The soundtrack echoes the strangeness of the images : dialogs are either silent or disturbed. Tracks are full of dissonances and distorsions. Although they may seem very diverse, recurring themes and sonorities are linking the tracks together.

01. Clause 97
02. Pyramide
03. Evil Disco
04. Rêve de Foster
05. Painful Memory
06. Le Pacte
07. Obleak
08. Silke et l'Ange
09. Rédemption
10. Lovetheme