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2012 : D'autres chemins

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Written & recorded between october 2008 and august 2011. The title can translate "some other paths" or "about other paths". For this record, I tried to find a balance between the exuberant electronic side of my first album ("The Bontempi Sessions") and the more mature, ambient moods of the 2nd album "Wasted Waves of Love".

This new album contains 4 songs in english, 4 in french... I wanted a french title, as a departure from the previous albums whose titles were in english. It took me 3 years to find a title I like.... this one finally seemed perfect...

It is meant as a more positive record than the previous one. "Wasted Waves of Love" was about being stuck, about non-communication. "D'autres chemins" is more open. After finishing it, I realized most of the lyrics are wirtten as conversations (either with true or imaginary characters). And even if those conversations are at times conflictual, hope remains.

The first track "Nothing but time" can be seen as a transition with the subtle moods of "Wasted Waves of Love", but the following song, "Le Capitaine Capillaire" ("The Capillary Captain") is closer to the eccentric side of my first works. "Happen Again" & "Jacqueline" (the first being folk-inspired and the second leaning toward electro-gospel), were written as part of a post-traumatic, recovery process. "Messager du Pays sans Rêves" ("Messenger from the land without dreams") et "Everyone", are two songs which originated quite a long time ago, they make the slightly more intimate and darker part of the record. "Happen Again and Again and Again and Again and Again" is electro-punk. The record closes with "La Ville se réveille" ("The city awakes", which is to me, the most representative of this whole period (2008-2011) and of the feelings I wanted to express on this album ... those were, in a way, bohemian years, full of wandering and doubts, but also hope and discoveries. In this song, I depict myself walking through a city at dawn, observing the life coming back in the streets. Thoughts about the passing of time, things that change and things that don't. The album cover is an echo of this song's mood.

While recording this album, I kept a blog to tell its story ... if you want to read it : blog


01 Nothing but time
02 Le Capitaine Capillaire
03 Happen Again
04 Jacqueline
05 Messager du Pays sans Rêves
06 Everyone
07 Happen Again and Again and Again and Again and Again
08 La Ville se réveille