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2004 : The Bontempi Sessions

This record assembles songs written for the most part between 2001and 2004 (some even date back to my teenager years...)
It oscillates between psychedelic electropop (Machine Electronique...), rock with a hint of electronica (Work, Haunted) and more introspective tracks (La Pluie, Ville)
I intentionally followed several directions ... being conscious that it might seem strange to some people... the sleeve reflect this unusual content : to find your way through the labyrinth, i give you this enigmatic map...

01 Welcome to Radio Skyscraper
02 Work
03 Pour de Vrai
04 Pouvoirs Magiques
05 Labyrinthe
Machine Electronique
07 Ville
09 Le Syndrome Saez
10 La Pluie